Unit 13 Glossary of Terms

Unit 13 Glossary of Terms

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it goes in hand with networking....doing things collectively.


  • A collective approach to education where team spirit is embraced to achieve teaching and learning.
  • Support mechanism is embraced in collaboration.



Information is a set of detailed knowledge, idea, concept communicated or received concerning a particular subject or circumstances, events, situation or person.



A profession is type of work/job that requires mastery of complex set specific skills and knowledge through formal training and qualification that meet criteria set for competency in theirĀ  chosen career.

professional development

A professional development is continuous process of acquiring new insight, knowledge, skills that related to one's career or job intended to guide relevant and valuable professional learning in their area of specialization.



A teacher is person who cares, delivers, teaches, help others learn new things, administers exams and assess learners in an education program

teacher network

Teacher network refers to providing teachers with opportunities to learn from each other as they carry on with their professional work.