Introduction to ICT

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) is fundamental in the promotion and development of growth in Education. Inventions and innovation have led to the increase in tools that are available as educational tools. The tools come in handy in collection of relevant material, storage and dissemination of educational material and improvement of quality of delivery and learning.

Didactic teaching is a teacher centred method of teaching, whereby the teacher acts as the main source of knowledge. The student is a passive learner or a listener. The teacher is seen as an authority in the subject in question. ICT comes in handy in the interaction between the teacher and student hence improving the didactic method of teaching. It improves the quality of discussions, analysis of the learning material and synthesis of the knowledge.

Technology can be defined as the use of tools, materials and processes to perform tasks efficiently, to improve quality of life, and to meet the human needs and wants. (Williams and Williams, 1996) It important to note that these ICT tools are therefore not to replace the role of the teacher but to make them better at teaching and ensuring learning.

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