UNESCO ICT Competency Framework for Teachers

A] What is it?

The ICT CFT is :

  • A framework for training teachers to effectively integrate ICT in their practice.
  • The framework sets out competencies that teachers need to integrate ICT into their practice and professional development to advance student learning.
  • The framework is made up of six components (elements of Teachers’ professional practice) across three approaches/levels of understanding (basic to innovative use of technologies).

B] How is the ICT CFT  being used in this course?

The structure of the KICT CFT is  focused at the Knowledge Deepening level. As the focus is on ‘competencies’ the course is about what you can do rather than just know. You will see that in each unit of the KICTCFT a section of the UNESCO framework has been chosen and the activities designed to elicit mastery of that competency.

C] Background to the ICT CFT

  • The version we are using is ICT CFT V.2  (2011), an update of the  ICT CFT V.1 (2008)
  • The ICT CFT is developed by UNESCO and its partners; CISCO, The Commonwealth of Learning, INTEL, ISTE and Microsoft. It design also included lengthy consultations with subject-matter experts worldwide.

Use this hyperlink to download the full version of the UNESCO ICT CFT: http://unesdoc.unesco.org/images/0021/002134/213475e.pdf)

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