SchoolNet SA. (nd). The Five Stages of Professional Development

Developmental or Entry Stage

In the entry stage, educators struggle to learn the basics of using technology.

Adoption Stage

In the adoption stage, educators move from their first struggles with ICTs to a basic level of successful ICT use. For example, they may integrate some drill and practice software into lessons.

Adaptation Stage

In the adaptation stage, educators discover the potential that ICTs offer for increased productivity. For example, they move from a basic level of ICT use to using word processors for student writing, and research on the Internet.

Appropriation Stage

In the appropriation stage, educators achieve complete mastery of ICTs. They use ICTs with ease, as a tool, to complete a range of instructional and administrative goals.

Invention Stage

In the Invention Stage, educators are ready to develop completely new ways of learning. They use ICTs as a flexible tool both for instruction and assessment. Learning is more collaborative and interactive. The learning environment is customized to challenge learners' needs.

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