KICT CFT Assessment Strategy

The KICTCFT course is a competency-based course. That means the ability to 'do' is crucial and knowledge or content acquisition is seen merely as a support mechanism to develop the essential skills or competencies. Consequently the assessment strategy reflects this emphasis. The course is made up of portfolio tasks for each unit. There will be an online final examination at the end of the course.

The Portfolio

Portfolio tasks, identified by this icon, can be found in each of the 15 units. They have been selected from the various unit activities and have been chosen because they most closely represent an opportunity for learners to demonstrate  they have mastered a UNESCO ICT CFT competency. You do, however, have an opportunity to put your best work forward in your portfolio. Only 8 of the 14 assignments need to be included in your portfolio so choose the ones that have the highest mark!

The Examination

An online examination will be given at the end of the course. The exam will only be 'unlocked' towards the end of the 12 week study period. The exam makes up 20 percent of your mark.

Mark Allocations

Unit # Item Mark % of Total
01 Unit 01 Portfolio Task 10 Select only 8 for
your portfolio = 
02 Unit 02 Portfolio Task 10
03 Unit 03 Portfolio Task 10
04 Unit 04 Portfolio Task 10
05 Unit 05 Portfolio Task 10
06 Unit 06 Portfolio Task 10
07 Unit 07 Portfolio Task 10
08 Unit 08 Portfolio Task 10
09 Unit 09 Portfolio Task 10
10 Unit 10 Portfolio Task 10
11 Unit 11 Portfolio Task 10
12 Unit 12 Portfolio Task 10
13 Unit 13 Portfolio Task 10
14 Unit 14 Portfolio Task 10
Total of 8 Tasks 80
Online Examination 20 20%
Total 100 100%
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